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Meet Our Scholars

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Philip John Martinez Nadal

University of Buffalo




Phil Martinez grew up in North Dakota in a conservative fundamentalist Christian home. When he came out, he was thrown out and eventually moved to Buffalo, NY to pursue his undergraduate degree with the support of Point Foundation. Philip graduated magna cum laude and achieved the College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding English Senior Award, and the English Department's George Knight Houpt Prize, awarded to one graduating senior for excellence in writing and over all studies. His Honors Thesis was an autobiography featuring his own story and the sociological problems confronting LGBTQ people, both in their lives and as readers. For this thesis, Phil was awarded his Phi Betta Kappa chapter's Hildegarde F. Shinners Memorial Prize for a 'critical Treatment of a significant problem, theory, book, poem, or other appropriate topic.' Along with his curricular achievements, Philip contributed his story to Kicked Out (October 2009), an anthology about LGBTQ homelessness and the coming out and being kicked out struggle. After receiving his BA, he completed one year of law school in Cleveland, Ohio and went on to finish his law degree at American University in Washington, DC. Phil is now an attorney and his passion is employment law and employment discrimination. He works for Webster, Fredrickson, Correia & Puth, PLLC, one of the best plaintiff-side employment law firms in the District of Columbia. One of his greatest commitments is trans-advocacy. Although Philip identifies as gay, he does not really believe in significant gender differences or the significance society gives to sex. One of his greatest commitments is trans-advocacy.

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