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Meet Our Scholars

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Quyen La

University of Houston

Hotel and Restaurant Management



Quyen La is an Asian queer, first-generation student at the University of Houston. As an only child in a low-income and single mother household, she faced difficulties with her overlapping identities. Her personal experiences regarding racism, sexism, and homophobia have shaped her views and strong drive for social justice. Since she was young, she always had a love for art and learning. In high school (2016-2020), she held a variety of roles such as Photo Society President as well as a Head Photographer and Writer for Yearbook, where she covered a variety of sports and organizations including GSA. In addition, she is an outspoken advocate for issues such as Racial Equality, Intersectional Feminism, LGBT+ Rights, Mental Health Awareness, and more. Quyen also has multiple honors, awards, and roles under her belt. She is a 5x 2019 and 2020 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards recipient; a 2x and counting scholarship recipient; the 2021-2022 Events Manager for Gourmet Night; and the founder of Giup Organization, an online platform based on the social media platform, Instagram, that aims to help students (high school and up) access and learn more about mental health awareness, resources, treatments, and more. She hopes to become a Multicultural Wedding Planner and serve as representation for queer, female people of color with her multi-faced endeavors. Outside the classroom and social activism, Quyen is a social media creator and freelance model. Her hobbies include writing, photography, singing, and hanging out with her friends.

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