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Meet Our Scholars

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Raelynn Requena

Cypress Community College



Community College

Wells Fargo Scholarship

Raelynn is 20 years old and double majoring in psychology and African American studies. She is a Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ rights, and mental health advocate as well as a feminist. Being a black woman and a lesbian, Raelynn says she is used to being torn down and taken advantage of, however, she has learned to rise above the hatred of others and learned to walk her own path and make her own decisions regardless of what other people think. She uses her own experience and education to help individuals around her going through similar situations and to educate those who do not understand the struggle of racial, sexual, and gender discrimination. 

Raelynn’s career goal is to become a psychiatrist and work within the prison system to rehabilitate inmates and get them the proper mental health assistance that they need. To achieve this goal, she plans on transferring to UC Davis to obtain her bachelor’s degree in psychology and then move on to UC Irvine to work on her master’s and doctorate degrees. 

Outside of school, Raelynn enjoys being active and doing activities such as hiking, kickboxing, and spinning. She spends quality time with friends and attends LGBTQ+ related workshops and events with the Queer-Straight Alliance Club at her college. Once she has achieved her academic and career goals and it comes time to retire, she hopes to one day open her own LGBTQ+ cyber cafe in Los Angeles and create a safe space for everyone to feel accepted.

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