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Meet Our Scholars

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Florida International University

Sociology, Anthropology and Biological Sciences



Raheim is pursuing his Bachelor of Arts degrees in Biology and Anthropology/Sociology at Florida International University (FIU). At FIU, Raheim volunteers as an Ecology Peer Leader in the Peer-Led Team Learning program. In his role, Raheim utilizes active learning techniques and other strategies to ensure students comprehend course materials. In the summer of 2021, Raheim completed an independent research project with professor Dr. Sparkle Malone and other mentors titled “Evaluating the Effects of Drought Conditions on Area Burned in the Everglades.” While obtaining his Associate of Arts degree at Valencia Community College, Raheim, his professor Dr. Carmen Diaz, and another classmate formed the Student Anthropology and Sociology Club. As vice president and president, Raheim assisted in organizing diverse individuals to implement multicultural and cultural events on campus and in the community. Raheim volunteered with ‘Orlando Ideas For US’ on climate change and sustainability issues, participating in projects such as oyster restoration and urban gardening. His passion and interest lie in collaborating to understand and solve health disparities, racial disparities, and climate change issues. As part of his goal to work in public health and medical anthropology, Raheim aims to increase the diversity of approaches to interconnected issues.

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