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Meet Our Scholars

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Rellie Padilla

San Francisco State University

Business Management



Rellie struggled with depression when he was just 11 years old, and thought he was going to take his own life at 13. That's why he started his business, ReMind, a virtual diary app with an emotional support AI, intended to help kids and young adults that struggle with depression, anxiety, neglect, domestic abuse, and other difficult situations, those who struggle the way he did growing up. He started his entrepreneurial journey in high school, where he pitched his first business idea, Current Core, as a finalist at the Network for Teach Entrepreneurship's Shark Tank-esque National Business Pitching Competition in 2018. He's now a business management major at San Francisco State University gathering the education, resources, and connections he needs to make his startups a success. His hobbies include music, dancing, and having deep, existential conversations with his best friends. He's also learning how to produce music and DJ and hopes to one day launch a queer lounge that opens as a coffee shop that switches to a nightclub after dark.

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