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Meet Our Scholars

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Rene Huerta

Vanderbilt University




Rene is currently applying for research assistant positions around campus as an undergraduate to gain exposure to research related to the medical field and find a fitting niche tailored toward the cardiovascular system. He has joined a few clubs, such as MSF (friends of Doctors Without Borders), Gen Action (Planned Parenthood Volunteering), and MASA (Mexican American Student Association) so that he can engage with his community on campus. Learning at a place that is home to many well-off and highly educated people is very intimidating. Still, he reminds himself and others that they are also here for a reason and that looking down on themselves won't do any good. He plans on going to medical school, hopefully at New York University, and conducting research in an area of interest of his for a long time, the circulatory system, especially since heart disease is currently the number one killer in the United States. Hoping to change the way the medical field is for underrepresented groups, Rene is not scared by any challenges that arise and remains tenacious in his ways toward all goals.

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