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Meet Our Scholars

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Rhiannon Alexi Hoffman

Portland Community College



Community College

Wells Fargo Scholarship

Rhiannon Hoffman is a non-binary queer person who was raised in Lawrenceville, Georgia by a single mother. She currently resides in Portland, Oregon, and will begin taking classes in the fall to work towards a degree in art therapy. Growing up in an unstable and impoverished household within a community that marginalized anyone from the LGBTQ community, she has a firsthand understanding of the therapeutic powers of creative expression. Their goal is to inspire inclusivity that will act as a beacon for anyone who is struggling with their identity. Rhiannon is proud to say that she is currently a canvasser for the ACLU and fights every day to help illuminate the voices of those who are the most vulnerable. She is very passionate about creating safe spaces and helping to validate and provide support to all marginalized communities.

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