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Meet Our Scholars

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Rob Nguyen

University of Washington

Professional Medicine



For the past two years, Rob has committed himself to increasing diversity within medicine while at the University of Washington School of Medicine. His work includes leading AFERM, an organization that supports disadvantaged pre-med students by offering mock interviews to students from disadvantaged backgrounds, in preparation for their real interview with the SOM. By providing disadvantaged students practice interviews, AFERM aims to foster diversity, inclusion, and equity within medicine by leveling out the playing field. In addition to his work at AFERM, Rob is currently serving on the UWSOM admissions committee. The admissions committee work is meaningful to him since there is not enough representation on SOM admissions committee to reflect applicants from underserved backgrounds. Rob’s mission while on the committee, is to advocate for BIPOC and underrepresented students applying to medical school since he knows the unique challenges this group faces when navigating the tough journey to medicine.

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