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Sabine Maxine Lopez

Pasadena City College



Community College

Coach Dream It Real Scholarship

Sabine Maxine Lopez is a born Angeleno who came out at as bisexual in 2012, after being fearful all of her life and never admitted it out loud. After a few more years of educating herself, she realized that Pansexual was more aligned with how she identified. Then, in 2021, Sabine came out as a nonbinary femme after a year of trauma, deep introspection, un-learning and re-education. In fall 2020, Sabine decided to go back to school at Pasadena City College. She has been laser-focused on obtaining an associates degree in studio art and transferring to University of California, Berkeley for a bachelor’s degree in art. With the support of her partner, she has done well in school and maintains a GPA above 3.75 and was recently accepted into the honors program. Sabine is the creator of A Tribe Called Queer. She’s also a devoted volunteer and community organizer and believes that we as humans have an imperative duty to uplift any and all marginalized people and to use one’s privilege to help othersin any way possible. 

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