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Meet Our Scholars

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Sage (Kat) Velazquez

University of California, Berkeley

Media Studies



Kat Velazquez is a first-generation, low-income student at University of California, Berkeley. They are part of the Disabled Student Program, the Trio program, the Educational Opportunity Program, and a NavCal fellow. Kat intends to major in media studies and minor in digital humanities and get a certificate through Berkeley Innovation. Receiving a UC education means they have many fields to explore during and after college. For example, she hopes to join Peace Corps and pursue a career in UX design or marketing or go into education. However, as a sophomore going into my junior year, they have to narrow down what field they want to pursue. As an undergrad, she can apply for internships in these fields to see which she is most interested in joining. Another of Kat’s plans is to join a UX Design Bootcamp to get the necessary experience and knowledge required for the technology industry. Finally, Kat wants to find a way to intersect their social, environmental, and animal justice work into the career they choose. Ultimately, during her time at university and beyond, Kat hopes to inform those who aren’t aware of the injustices they’re facing.

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