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Samantha Grant

Adler University




Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Samantha Grant was raised collectively by her parents until they divorced, forcing her to bounce back and forth between two households. It wasn't until she felt more stabilized as a young person in high school that she really began to question her sexuality and think about her queerness as more than just 'a phase.' It was a learning experience for herself as well as her family as a newly identified queer woman in a religious household. Samantha struggled with constant battles of depression many of which stemmed from her lack of understanding about her sexuality. She eventually learned to channel her sadness into social activism as a member of various marginalized groups. Having struggled with mental illnesses most of her life, Samantha joined a mental health organization on her campus at Spelman College to broaden the scope of discussions about mental wellness to include black and brown LGBTQ people. She also served on the executive board for Spelman's LGBTQ organization, Afrekete, which worked to create inclusive spaces for queer and trans students at Spelman. During her junior year at Spelman, Samantha studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark and there served on the Diversity Committee at the Danish Institute of Study Abroad. Once returning to the states, Samantha continued her work as a fierce queer femme activist committed to creating a world that does not disenfranchise LGBTQ people and one that prioritizes community building. As a clinical psychology doctoral student, Samantha combines her love for psychology, community building, LGBTQ people, and people of color to shift the ways that we understand, value, and love ourselves wholly amidst constant discrimination.

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