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Meet Our Scholars

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Samara Richards

New York University

Social Work



Samara Richards is an empath: which means that she tends to put all her needs aside as she thinks about others that need help. In middle school, she tutored special needs kids and helped them gain the literacy skills that they needed. In high school, she came up with the idea to donate books that weren’t in use for other teens in the school as a first step before graduating. Samara was in student government and the leader of the book club, as well as a member of the LatinX community. Helping others where she can whether it be a math problem in class or completing a step in the culinary program before a competition. Now she is at New York University aiming to participate in greater things such as soup kitchens to combat food insecurity or joining protests to help abortion become more accessible to people on school grounds. Samara is very passionate about highlighting world issues today and aims to work on these issues as a social worker, helping families in need of mental assistance and support. Samara also aims represent the minority community.

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