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Meet Our Scholars

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Samuel Ton

University of Colorado Denver




Samuel Q Ton, born in the hues of Colorado, is an individual who has a flaring passion for life and everything that surrounds him. There is always a sparkle in his eyes when he discovers something new or whenever he reminiscences the experiences that have brought him up to this point today. He is an open bisexual and transgender man who came out in his adolescence in 2017.

Samuel wants to ensure that the people in his communities always know that they are safe and validated, which has led him to his current ambitions to become a therapist. He has a passion for psychology, and thinks “why not put that effort into helping the people he cares about the most?” He also has a flair for the arts, winning a couple of school competitions for his extraordinary works and galleries. If he isn't a reliable therapist or an artist in the making, then at the very least he has a desire to be a friend to the world, even when the world wasn't quite friendly to him in return.

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