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Meet Our Scholars

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Samuel Ton

Front Range Community College




Samuel Q Ton, born from the hues of Colorado, is an individual who has a flaring passion for life and everything that surrounds him. He is an open bisexual and transgender man who came out in 2017, just barely in his adolescence. When he did, however, Samuel faced an abundance of tragedy, facing the realities of a barely accepting family as well as an immense fear of wanting to use the right bathroom. He is luckily in a position that allows him to express himself as best as he is able to, especially considering the large steps he took to formally educate the people around him in order to make a real change in his life. His family now warmly accepts him fully as a transman and he is proud to say that he is still loving life just as much as he did before. He has a high passion for psychology, and why not put that effort into helping the people he cares about the most? He also has a flair for art and won a couple of school competitions before for his extraordinary works and galleries.

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