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Meet Our Scholars

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Saraí Cantú

University of Texas at Austin

English and Mexican American Latino Studies



Saraí Cantú was born in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas to Mexican parents. Growing up, she was influenced by her parents' culture and life in the United States, experiencing border culture. An avid reader as a child, Saraí noticed most books didn't have people who looked like or grew up like her. She began writing at 11, determined to tell the story of those like her, ensuring their voices aren't forgotten in the narrative. Earning an English degree and a creative writing certificate at the University of Texas at Austin is the first step to her never-ending pursuit of inclusion. Saraí is determined to carve a space out for her writing and involve the stories of the people around her. She volunteers at the Red Salmon Arts bookstore, a space meant for Chicane, Black, Indigenous, and LGBTQ authors to share their work with the rest of Austin. Focusing her studies on English and Mexican American Latino Studies, she hopes to learn more about the history of the community and implement it in her writing. Saraí aims to publish a book about the various identities of border life and the experiences of LGBTQ people in Mexican culture.

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