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Meet Our Scholars

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Sarah Sanchez

Riverside City College



Community College

Victoria’s Secret & Company Scholarship

Sarah Sanchez is a nursing student at Riverside City College. Her goal is to become a nurse in order to mentor future LGBTQ nurses around the world of healthcare. One day, Sarah hopes to open a small clinic that focuses on affordable pediatric healthcare in regards to immunizations and routine check-ups. Sarah is a first-generation college student and has worked to support themself throughout college. Her family’s household growing homophobia, racism, and transphobia caused Sarah to move out. Sarah is a certified EMT and has worked as an EMT instructor. While working as an instructor, Sarah realized her love of mentoring and teaching. During their time as an EMT doing fieldwork, Sarah transported many LGBTQ community members who were on suicide watch. After speaking to these individuals, Sarah realized she wants to work in pediatrics so that she could be the voice that many did not have and give patients a better chance at life and be an ally.

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