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Meet Our Scholars

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Sayed Hassan

Saint Joseph’s University

Interdisciplinary Health Studies



Sayed Hassan was born on March 16th, 2001, in West Philadelphia and has lived here for the entirety of his life. They realized they were gay in middle school, which was a terrifying experience. At that point, his family was religious, and there were no circumstances in which he could tell them. However, this all came to a head when his siblings sat Sayed down and told him they suspected he was gay and would never accept him for who he was. This devastated Sayed, as their family was their main source of support and best friends while growing up. In high school, they decided to focus on their academics and interests as they were uncertain if my family would support them in the future. Sayed gained an interest in swimming and swam all four years in high school and continues to swim in a swim club at his college. Being interested in healthcare, they are a health studies major and aspire to attend pharmacy school. Sayed hopes to become a resource to younger queer persons who may face similar struggles in the future.

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