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Meet Our Scholars

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Sean Sugai

University of California, Los Angeles

Human Biology and Society and Anthropology



Anchor Trust Scholarship

Sean is a first-generation college student at the University of California, Los Angeles, double majoring in human biology and society and anthropology with a minor in public health. Born and raised in Waipahu and Pearl City, Hawai’i, Sean’s passion for LGBTQ liberation, environmental justice, educational accessibility, and health equity stem from his family’s roots in the Philippines, Japan, and Hawai’i. Inspired by their resilience in the face of plantation labor, immigration, anti-Asian racism, and assimilation, Sean aims to become an anthropologist who researches the undercurrents of the US empire in the Pacific to understand how the liberation of people must be situated within the liberation of lands and oceans. Sean aims to become a tenured university professor where he can teach students about environmental justice and health equity in the Pacific and lead a research lab composed of LGBTQ students of color that use research to inform movements, activism, and liberation.

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