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Meet Our Scholars

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Serenity Dupree

East Los Angeles College




Serenity Harmony Dupree is a mixed 23-year-old female from Pomona, California. She’s from a single mother of four. Serenity has gone through a lot but is now trying her utmost hardest to succeed in life and be better. She’s always been on the quiet, shy side but her ex-girlfriend Alexis, may she rest easy, taught her how to be herself, to take no nonsense from anyone, and to speak up. She taught Serenity that she is a smart, independent, beautiful black woman who can do anything she sets her mind to. An achievement Serenity has accomplished is taking the initiative to re-enroll in school considering the obstacles of being homeless and sleeping in parks, abandoned homes, cardboard boxes on the sidewalk, and hotels. Serenity is proud of herself for stepping up and not letting obstacles define her and what she can do, rather, she will keep trying to overcome them. Her next achievement is successfully completing courses to obtain a certificate of skills in fingerprint classification. Forensics is her academic goal, interest, and passion.

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