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Meet Our Scholars

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Serenity Sosa

University of Cincinnati




Serenity Sosa is an outgoing and cheerful honors student who seeks social change on even the local level in her university. She has advocated for and personally worked on the project for a renovated space of the current derelict Diversity Lounge. She worked towards and has achieved ethnic haircare in her university's bookstore and has aspirations of expanding the acceptance and understanding of minority communities on campus. While campaigning for a presidential position in her university's Black United Independent Collegiate and winning the Drury Diversity Award for continual activism in her community she is making a name for herself. Serenity also won the Drury University's Student Government member of the year and was featured in her departmental newsletter. Serenity isn't limiting herself to only one sector of collegiate life. After being invited by the director of the honors program at her school to join coding Toni Morrison's novels she can be found in her honors research study inputting legal terms into the team's excel sheet. She thrives in her role as a first-generation peer mentor and residential assistant at her university. Serenity is able to juggle all these responsibilities because of her tenacity and her passion.

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