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Meet Our Scholars

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Shane Rhodes

Central Maine Community College



Community College

Karen D. Rappaport Scholarship

Shane Rhodes has been connected to healthcare since she can remember. The daughter of a nurse father, Shane learned early on what a special gift and honor it is to care for others. Shane developed a chronic illness as a teenager and learned a whole different aspect of the medical field as she navigated hospitals, health insurance, and advocated for her needs. Shane was lucky to regain her health and begin exploring my interests as an adult. She worked as a whitewater rafting guide, a glassblower, an optician, a butcher, and a nanny. It wasn’t until she became a birth and postpartum doula that Shane found her true passion for birthwork and advocating for families as they navigate their journeys to parenthood. As a queer woman married to a trans/nonbinary partner, it is especially important to her to create and hold space for LGBTQ families. She seeks to be part of the change.

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