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Meet Our Scholars

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Soph Guerieri

Emory University




Sophia Guerieri is a Brazilian-Italian American dual citizen from Atlanta, GA, attending Emory University, studying biology major on the pre-medicine track. They are a traditional artist, writer, and photographer, and love to consume literature and media like movies just as much as they do creating. They love nature and hiking (one could call them a bit of a granola) and are always reaching out to new people and new experiences. They can't go without mentioning their affinity for music, whether it be appreciation, writing, or performance - mainly as a percussionist.

Throughout their academic endeavors, personal journeys, volunteering, and internships, Soph's drive has intensified as their need to make a difference in the community blends with their curiosity to learn more about the world around them. They understand that healthcare is more than just science; it is an art of humanity. Patients deserve doctors who are infinitely curious, love the challenge of problem-solving, and seek change for the sake of others. Their goals in life are to lend their skills to communities that need them most, hopefully specializing in oncology and pediatric oncology services, and to bring love and diversity to the healthcare professions.

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