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Meet Our Scholars

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Stacy Weibley

Johns Hopkins University

Public Health



Stacy was born in Delaware to a devoutly Catholic single mother and a father who abandoned them a year later. Her underprivileged mother worked multiple jobs to send her to a private Catholic school, hoping education would offer the opportunities she lacked. Despite great financial hardship, Stacy excelled academically and became her first family member to attend college. Three weeks after her father died, she entered graduate school, eventually graduating in the top six of her class. Following, she was accepted into Johns Hopkins University's doctoral program and Stacy became committed to social change. Stacy has worked in diverse professional and volunteer capacities as an advocate for sexual health and well-being, including as a published writer, counselor, and spokesperson. She led international research and served on national advisory boards, consistently devoted to fighting oppressive norms. Her research explored internalized homophobia and sexual risk-taking, underscoring the insidious nature of discrimination and bigotry. Stacy hopes to continue to be a leader in the LGBTQ community as an advocate of equality and acceptance.

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