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Meet Our Scholars

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Stanley Vance

Harvard Medical School




Stanley was raised in a single-parent home in Houston, Mississippi: a factory town with a southern hospitality that masked homophobia, especially within the church. Growing up, Stan focused on studying and tending to his sister while his mom worked nights, as he feared grappling with his sexual identity would further burden his family and estrange him from his church. When he did come out at 19, he had to leave his religious community. After experiencing racism within his school system, Stanley left home at 15 to attend a residential high school for gifted students. Later, he attended Rhodes College on full academic scholarship, graduating with honors, summa cum laude, and the Phi Beta Kappa Prize of his class. At Rhodes, he was actively involved in service, founding a book club to empower at-risk youth and protesting against Medicaid cutbacks. Watching a parent struggle with HIV, Stanley was driven to a career serving others in medicine. He is focused particularly on health disparities in the GBLT community and hopes to address those issues through medical school curriculum reform as a leader of the HMS GBLT group and his future vocation of pediatric endocrinology.

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