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Meet Our Scholars

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Stephen Davis

Malcolm X College



Community College

Stephen was lucky enough to have accepting parents when he came out as gay in 2001, but the homophobia in the small town he grew up in drove him to bigger cities and experiences. He has lived in various places, from the northeast in Vermont, to NYC where he went to the Paul Mitchel Academy, to Orlando Florida, and then San Diego California, which is where he was living when he received the call that his mother, a nurse, had committed suicide. This returned Stephen back home to Pennsylvania, where he became a licensed practical nurse, receiving honors while being pinned as a Practical Nurse. Each year since the passing of his mother, he attends a suicide walk for prevention called “Walk a Mile in my Shoes”.  The year he graduated Practical nursing, he won first prize for the largest group and collecting the largest amount of money for the year 2015 to help with suicide prevention.  That year, Stephen moved to NH to be closer to his biological father.  NH is where he met his fiancé, a medical student in his third year at Feinberg school of medicine at Northwestern University, whom he has been with since 2016.  Stephen has worked as a nurse since 2015 and plans to continue his education after graduating as a RN and become a pediatric nurse practitioner.  In his spare time, Stephen snowboards, sketches, and plays the piano, guitar, and sings. He likes to bring his dog, an Irish-Wolf hound/Akita mix, to care facilities for therapy for patients.

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