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Meet Our Scholars

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Steven Sylvia

San Diego State University




Steven’s life can be characterized as being stricken by issues of poverty, parental neglect, racism, and homophobia. Despite these challenges, he continues to be involved in organizations centered around community outreach. Between balancing school and his work schedule, Steven excelled in his classes and took part in an internship before transferring from his community college with honors. Expanding his work to his new school, SDSU, he is involved with the Latinx Resource Center and connecting students to resources on campus. Unfortunately, Steven was involved in a collision that totaled his vehicle and broke his arm. Despite this challenge, as well as the current semester being his first, he persevered and made sure to still be involved on campus while healing from the accident. Steven is noted to be a person of great constitution and a big heart. With these necessary skills, he expanded his involvement on campus and explored other resource centers. This has deepened his knowledge of services offered that he intends to share with those in need, but also helps him recognize the unique issues that affect other minority groups. Steven finds that simply being comfortable is not enough and that with time, advocacy is ever-changing.

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