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Meet Our Scholars

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Steven Wang

Columbia University

Computer Science



Minton Spidell Jackowski Scholarship

Born in Minnesota, Steven Wang grew up as the only son of Chinese immigrants in suburban Minneapolis, struggling with discrimination and prejudice from his hometown friends and family. In high school, Steven took steps in his journey toward acceptance by becoming a debater and using his public speaking skills as a leader in his organization the House of Pride, a student-led group dedicated to equitable education for queer students. During his time as a student leader, he organized a drag queen conference, equity training panels for teachers, and protests to reate an inclusive environment for all students, regardless of their background. Concurrently, Steven was also a student researcher in both computer science and linguistics, focusing on Natural Language Processing as a form of automation for the courtroom process and social activism. To further his passions, Steven is now following his academic dreams at Columbia University in New York City for his B.A. in Computer Science and concentration in linguistics. Driven by a desire to understand himself and also serve the community around him, Steven now engages in social groups on campus and Columbia’s Data Science Society to embrace both uncertainty in a politicized time and an academic pursuit of knowledge.

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