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Meet Our Scholars

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Taliyah Murphy

Pikes Peak Community College



Community College

JCPenney Scholarship

Taliyah Murphy is a proud transwoman. Taliyah isn’t particularly fond of the term “trans” because she thinks it describes a process and not herself, as an individual. She comes from a military family and lived in Colorado Springs for the past 31 years. Tiffany has always been a hard-working and ambitious person that accomplishes everything that she puts her mind to. She love trying new things and is proud of the woman she is becoming. Taliyah is finally living her life, rather than just existing. Helping others is a passion and she hopes to be an inspiration to everyone she encounters along this journey we call life. Our time is but a moment and it’s too short to spread strife and hate, spread love and kindness through everything that you do.

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