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Meet Our Scholars

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Tashana Joseph

New York University

Mental Health and Wellness Counseling



Tashana Joseph was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and is a child of Guyanese immigrants. Growing up, she always thought it crucial to appeal to my parents’ wants by believing and achieving what they wanted her to. As they got older, they started to understand what it meant to be an individual. She learned that she is bisexual, does not believe in religion, is feminine, occasionally masculine, and sometimes both. Since analyzing their experiences, they have realized that they are not the only one with internal struggles. Because of this, she advocated for mental health and educated students during undergrad. Tashana also had the opportunity to intern at SUNY Oswego’s Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. They are interested in furthering their knowledge in the mental health field to become an effective LMHC with a private practice. Her passion involves helping underrepresented minority populations overcome trauma/PTSD and stigmas relating to mental health. Along the way, Tashana would like to get into research and advance their career in counseling psychology further to help flourishing of black and brown communities.

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