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Meet Our Scholars

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Tatiana Claure

Santa Monica College



Community College

Tatiana Claure is a Los Angeles transplant. Raised by her single mother, Tatiana is a proud Latina feminista. Overcoming adversity, Tatiana’s academic and personal goals stem from her desire to help heal the planet.

Studying Environmental Science at SMC, Tatiana is interested in developing green technology, designing eco-friendly lifestyles, and constructing small, sustainable homes. She hopes to increase accessibility for affordable housing for low-income families. The work she hopes to do comes from her aspiration to teach communities, especially her own, about integrating minimalism into their everyday lives. She is vocal about ending unethical practices and facilitates student-led workshops hosted by Sustainable Works. She works as a project lead at a company, called TertaTech, to teach communities about waste diversion.

Tatiana serves as AS Director of Activities and is an advocate for students at SMC. She has organized events and workshops addressing sexuality, gender, and culture. After struggling with her sexuality, Tatiana aims to help other students express themselves honestly. She completed the Title IX Leadership program at SMC, and always seeks to incorporate an intersectional perspective in her work. Interested in engineering and design, Tatiana is thinking innovatively about the future of urban life. She intends to transfer and receive a Bachelor's of Environmental Engineering and hopes to pave the way for the next generation.

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