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Meet Our Scholars

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Teague Arlen Shattuck

Reed College




Wells Fargo Scholarship

In a California home surrounded by palm trees and loving family, Teague Shattuck spent their younger years. Throughout childhood, Teague found themself wrapped in thought, and soon began questioning the gender binary. This led Teague, in 7th grade, to tell the world they were non-binary/transmasculine - the world was not too nice back. They were misunderstood by friends, family, even physicians. They believed being harassed and misgendered were deserved punishments for “choosing a difficult lifestyle.” However, joining the Queer Student Union (QSU) in 10th grade, Teague learned of historical queer figures , and was inspired by their advocacy. It was then Teague initiated Lincoln High School’s “All Gender Restroom” movement. Supported by the QSU, Teague worked arduously, grappling with school district officials to convert Lincoln’s two main restrooms to include all genders. Due to Lincoln’s success, as of 2016 gender neutral restrooms were mandated within all San Jose schools. Teague became president of QSU, spoke at several events across California, hosted a film festival, founded a trans* support group and citywide social justice organization. Though not religious themself, Teague has been greatly supported by Bethel Lutheran Church. They spent the past four summers touring with their youth group, discussing the intersections of queer identity and religion in churches across the West Coast, as well as being an educator and advocate within Bethel. Being a visible, queer person has been immensely important to Teague - they hope always to inspire others never to accept “punishment” for existing genuinely, and know they never will.

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