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Meet Our Scholars

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Theo Beltran

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill




Theo Beltran is a Chinese, Indonesian and Mexican transmasculine doctoral student studying social and pharmacoepidemiology, with a passion for disrupting systems that perpetuate health inequities. Theo began his LGBTQ advocacy work in 2014 as a programming intern for activism and education at UC San Diego. His work extended as a canvasser for Lambda Legal, an API LGBT Scholarship Recipient and board member, an HIV and Hepatitis-C counselor for the TransNational Study, and a summer organizer with Lavender Phoenix. He is a community safety organizer and mentor for historically marginalized students. Theo’s research applies an intersectional framework to describe health inequities by race and gender among transgender populations. He aims to increase transgender-led research by collaborating with colleagues at Lavender Phoenix and the Center of Applied Transgender Studies to become an independent researcher studying the intersection of structural, social, and political factors that affect transgender health inequities. Theo is committed to working towards eliminating health inequities for transgender people of color and has the training, expertise, support, and motivation necessary to reach his goals and create a lasting impact in transgender health.

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