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Meet Our Scholars

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Tiffany Florendo-Salinas

Barstow Community College



Community College

Tiffany was born in Los Angeles, CA and raised by a single mother and her grandparents, so she always had people who would cultivate and encourage her unique individuality. Tiffany always questioned everything from religion and beliefs to sexuality.

Brought up Christian, but later converted to Buddhism, Tiffany was a free spirit and adventurer since birth. As a girl with a huge heart eager to love and help others, Tiffany was never afraid to be unapologetically herself.

Being a lesbian was something Tiffany discovered at a young age. It was never something she was ashamed of. Tiffany always longed for a coming out story, but when she finally came out, everyone already knew. Some accepted her and others did not, but that never detoured Tiffany from being her true self. 

Effected by mental health and homelessness in her later years, a seed was planted that would the beginning of her dream for the future. Experiencing many hardships and traumas in her life, she began to think about what type of world she wanted herself and the legacy she would leave for her daughter. 

She is putting herself through school while she works herself through the shelter system, with the goal of obtaining a degree in psychology. Her dream is to open a healing facility that is open to people from all walks of life, regardless socioeconomic status.

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