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Meet Our Scholars

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Tiffany Mosqueda

Edmonds College

Computer Science


Community College

Parametric Scholarship

Tiffany is a Latina lesbian from Rancho Cucamonga, California who relocated to the Seattle area to open herself up to a larger LGBTQ community. Growing up in a Christian household, she found it difficult to be who she is and has found a new freedom since relocating. Tiffany took many years off of school and spent that time working, growing, and being a foster parent. She is going back to school to finish what she started and pave a new path for herself. Tiffany aspires to support LGBTQ youth in the foster care system again by fostering youth as a foster parent and advocating for them. She is currently working on her Associates Degree in Computer Science and plans to continue on to a bachelor’s degree, ultimately working her way into a career in UX design.

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