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Meet Our Scholars

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Timothy S. Jones II

Stanford University

Theater and Performance Studies



Calamus Foundation Point Scholar

Tim is a native of New Haven, Connecticut. As a formerly homeless youth in and out of foster care studying and training in the arts gave Tim a second chance at life and a profound understanding of how to use his voice and creativity to inspire conversations around Black bodies, ritual, social justice, and trauma. Tim is a producer, scholar, activist, and a multi-disciplinary artist. He has trained at the Shanghai Theater Academy, the Ailey School, London School of Ballet, Spelman Dance Theater, the British American Drama Academy, and Earl Mosley’s Institute for the Arts. He holds bachelor degrees in English Literature and Drama from Morehouse College. He received his MFA in Theatre Management and Producing from Columbia University where he worked on and off Broadway in various capacities while academically interrogating cultural competency, programming and engagement initiatives, as well as the complexities surrounding representation of people of color on and off stage. From 2015-2019 Tim worked as the Arts Director of Cooperative Arts High where he lead the arts program, community partnerships, ran a leadership mentoring program for at-risk young men of color, and occasionally taught a course called Facing History and Ourselves. His research interests include marginalized narratives, sexuality, performance ethnography, critical race theory, and social justice/protest. These interests are integral to his doctoral studies at Stanford University where he will be exploring art, trauma, and memory as it relates to the American prison and drug rehabilitation systems as well as BDSM culture, shame, and race.

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