After becoming a Point Scholar in 2011, Tommy moved from Indiana to attend New York University where he studied film production with queer studies. There, Tommy developed his skills as a queer writer and filmmaker and produced several plays and short films through his coursework. He was the producer of “Blonde,” an award winning short film that premiered internationally. During his senior year, Tommy wrote and directed his thesis film, “Getting Off,” and completed his first full-length documentary, “Young Queer New York,” which are currently both in the festival circuit.

During his time at NYU, Tommy worked as a resident assistant on campus where he programmed diversity and wellness events that engaged students with a variety of race, gender, and sexuality oriented topics. He also served as a producer for the Gallatin Arts Festival for three years. He received a 2014 Presidential Service Award for his work.

Off campus, Tommy became an active volunteer for PFLAG NYC’s Safe School Program where he speaks with middle and high school students about LGBTQ issues and started his own non-profit, Raise Up, to bring awareness of LGBTQ issues to southern Indiana.

Tommy graduated cum laude from NYU in 2015. He received a Special Service Award for his undergraduate work. Upon graduation, Tommy accepted the position of junior writer and producer at Logo where he won a Promax Gold award for his writing on the Golden Girl’s 30th Anniversary. He currently works at writer/producer for Viacom Velocity. He hopes to continue to use TV and film to broaden the diversity in characters and story lines put out into the world with a specific focus on expanding queer material and the number of working queer artists working in the industry.

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