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Meet Our Scholars

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Tremaine Jones

Miami Dade College

Social Work


Community College

Tremaine “Trey” Jones is a native of Miami, Florida. Trey identifies as an Afro-Bahamian American Queer and prefers masculine pronouns. As early as age five he recognized his queerness. However, due to his Catholic and Episcopalian background and Bahamian heritage, he believed that exploring his queerness was not a possibility. However, due to his supportive mother and sister, Trey has been able to expand his thinking and explore queerness. After graduating high school, he organized an effort to end the criminalization of youth of color in Miami with Power U Center for Social Change. Soon after, he was introduced to Pridelines a local LGBTQ organization in Miami. Over the years Trey took on various roles at Pridelines. After Trey’s transition out of Pridelines’ youth programs he continued to be involved with organizations to provide support groups for LGBTQ youth in shelters, coordinated events for gay, bisexual, queer men of color, and co-created a summer long social justice leadership institute for youth. In 2017 Trey became the Community Relations Manager at Pridelines. Trey is a past board member of the Alliance for GLBTQ Youth, been a part of the Miami-Dade Department of Health’s Miami Collaborative, PrEP Workgroup, Black Health Initiative, facilitated workshops at the United States Conference on AIDS, and has been nominated for HIV counselor of the Year by the Florida Department of Health. In 2016 Trey created and was chair of South Florida’s first intergenerational conference focusing on HIV and its impact on the community. In his free time Trey enjoys taking care of his godson, Michael, rollerblading and practicing the Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira.

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