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Meet Our Scholars

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Vanessa R. Watson

Fashion Institute of Technology

Production Management in Fashion and Related Industries / Technical Design



Barbey Point Scholar

Vanessa Watson is a fashion engineer on a mission: connecting you to clothes that fit your personality and your bum. Innovation and diversity are themes that inspire her as she works tirelessly to create systems that facilitate access and equality. Vanessa and her younger sister were raised in rural New Jersey by their mother in a single-parent home with tremendous support from their maternal, extended family. Though resources were often scarce, access to and the pursuit of academia was a constant. After an arduous battle with depression, the acknowledgment of her Queer identity revitalized her desire and ability to thrive. From there, her undying passion for fashion led her to enroll at FIT. Vanessa is an entrepreneur, a creative individual, and most importantly a student of life. As a production management and technical design student, Vanessa is working to revolutionize the apparel industry. Her applied focus looks at how 3-D technology can empower both the retail consumer and supply chain management channels. She is also the founder of UnBoxxed, a platform that integrates fashion and technology; “Providing access to apparel that reflects who you see yourself to be – without rules, boxes, or constraints.”

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