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Meet Our Scholars

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Vivienne Kate Cho

University of North Alabama

Music Performance/Education



Vivienne was born in a suburb of Chicago but moved to and spent most of her life in Florence, Alabama. Vivienne has two brothers and a sister with Apert syndrome, a rare craniofacial disorder. Vivienne comes from a bicultural family that is half Korean-American. Growing up, Vivienne struggled with her sexuality and gender identity in the mostly religious and conservative environment of North Alabama. She came out as a queer transgender woman shortly before her senior year of high school. When she came out, however, her father rejected her and decided to pull all financial support for her college education. Despite this, she began transitioning and started participating in her school's Gender and Sexuality Association, as well as in a local LGBTQ+ organization known as the Shoals Diversity Center. During this time, she initiated a project that utilized her love for the cello to raise money for the Children's Craniofacial Association and promote awareness of craniofacial conditions among residents of her hometown. By the end of the project, Vivienne had collected over six-hundred dollars from downtown performances and online donations for the Children's Craniofacial Association. In the future, Vivienne plans to advocate for unsupported LGBTQ+ youth in rural and conservative areas.

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