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Meet Our Scholars

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Zach Zyskowski

University of California, Los Angeles




Zach Zyskowski, a 2004 Point Scholar, is a Los Angeles-based TV producer. He is noted for his work producing the critically acclaimed ABC Family and Ryan Seacrest Productions docuseries 'Becoming Us,' following two Midwestern teens and their transgender parents, as well as a host of other successful network and cable series. Growing up in rural Northern California, Zyskowski faced many obstacles coming of age as an openly gay teen and committed himself to becoming a leader to enact social change. In high school, he co-founded a Gay-Straight Alliance chapter, led five hundred people in his school's first Day of Silence, and was a mentor and advocate for other marginalized teens in his community. Zyskowski graduated as valedictorian of his high school and entered the University of California, Los Angeles at the age of 16. After graduating from UCLA with honors in 2008, Zyskowski entered the television industry, working on ABC's 'Ugly Betty,' as well as in the alternative series development department at CBS. As a producer, his credits include the CBS hit 'Big Brother,' FOX's 'Hell's Kitchen,' as well as shows for Food Network, Lifetime, and TLC, among others. Zyskowski is also an accomplished violinist and a member of the Santa Monica Symphony. He has performed throughout Europe, Brazil, and the United States, including at Voices On Point in 2014.  Zsykowski received the 2015 Point Horizon Award at the Voices On Point concert and dinner.

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