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Meet Our Scholars

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Zeina Nassif

Wellesley College




Wells Fargo Scholarship

Zeina Nassif was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, where she attended St. Mary’s Episcopal School. At the age of 13, she came out and began exploring activism in her community. At St. Mary’s, they served as a Gay-Straight Alliance co-leader where they organized anti-bullying campaigns including GLSEN’s No Name-Calling Week and Day of Silence. With GLSEN Tennessee’s SHINE Team, she developed campaigns against the state legislature’s 2021 Slate of Hate towards LGBTQ youth. As a Bridge Builders CHANGE Fellow, they worked with the Inclusive Classrooms Cohort to create the ICONIC Pledge for educators seeking to implement inclusive practices for marginalized students. In 2020 and 2021, Zeina participated in the National Security Language Initiative for Youth, where she studied Russian language with teachers in Moldova and Latvia. At Wellesley College, they hope to continue studying Russian and explore international human rights advocacy. Zeina has four cats that she absolutely adores.

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