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Zoe Ridolfi-Starr

New York University




Took Trust Point Scholar

As the queer daughter of two loving lesbian moms, Zoe Ridolfi-Starr’s most important relationships have always been entangled with discriminatory rules and hateful attitudes. This has motivated her to fight for a world where every young person can live, love, and learn freely. Zoe currently serves as the chair of Policy for the Sex Education Alliance of NYC, leading their advocacy for strong, inclusive sex ed. Previously, she ran a youth leadership program at the Center for Court Innovation fighting for improved city policy solutions to skyrocketing youth homelessness and incarceration; her work helped secure the passage of three bills expanding resources for homeless youth in 2018. As the co-founder of the Carry That Weight campaign, she led a statewide campaign to pass the Enough is Enough bill in NY in 2015, which addressed campus gender violence. She also served as the Deputy Director of Know Your IX, where she trained and mobilized students to end gender violence on college campuses. Zoe earned her B.A. from Columbia University, where she ran a tutoring program for incarcerated youth, represented 27 other students as the lead complainant in a Title IX case against the school, and successfully campaigned to secure the creation of an Emergency Health Care fund to support students in need. Zoe speaks regularly on gender and sexuality, civil rights, and youth advocacy, and her writing on these topics has been published in the Yale Law Journal, New York Daily News, ReWire, and other outlets. Based on these experiences, Zoe believes that a law degree will enable her to better support young people and shape public policy. As a future lawyer, she plans to be a passionate and determined advocate.

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