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Meet Our Scholars

scholars - art

Zoey Gilbert

Blue Mountain Community College

Science & Art


Community College

Wells Fargo Scholarship

Zoey grew up in a town named Boardman, Oregon which is right next to the Columbia River. With her family, Zoey lived on Three Mile Canyon Farm, outside of Boarman, surrounded by agriculture and animals. During middle school, Zoey moved to an even smaller town named Ione, Washginton where their graduating class was only 18 students, which meant that everyone knew each other very well. Ione is a very religious town which made it hard for Zoey to come out as asexual,and there are still people who are unaware fo Zoey’s identity. Zoey is fortunate that during the COVID lockdown, she was able to really find themself and who she was through self-expression and therapy. Zoey has two fur babies, Dipper and Gus which have been in their life since 2020. They are both loving cats that love to welcome her at the door like dogs. Zoey is also a raging plant mom. Zoey is interested in the arts and has taken an abundance of art classes through college. Zoey is attending Blue Mountain Community College and will be graduating with their associates of science this June. Zoey intend to return to Blue Mountain to get her associates of art degree before transfering to another community college. They plan to get degrees in both phlebotomy as well as diagnostic imaging.

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