volunteer_lolli_lucas_clarkThis is the time of year when Lolli Lucas Clark’s eyes get a good workout. Lolli is one of nearly four dozen people who help Point review the more than 2,000 applications for scholarships the foundation receives annually. Each application is read and scored by either two or three readers, who are board members, staff and/or approved volunteers like Lolli. Readers use a scoring system based upon a rubric guide criteria suggestions and scholarship requirements. It’s a time consuming process, but one which ensures applications are given the time and attention they deserve.

Lolli is the Upper School Director of the Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth, California. She is also a straight ally of the LGBTQ community and passionate about teaching young people the importance of fighting social injustices.

“As the Upper School Director of a high school I have the privilege of working with teens on a daily basis. I am also fortunate to teach a course on social justice which centers on the lessons and successes of the civil rights movement and other critical movements of the past and present. As an ally to the LGBTQ community, it is my responsibility to educate my students on the ways that they can get involved to make our world more just and respectful: we must all partner together and fight against social injustices.

My work with Point Foundation is dear to my heart because helping students attain their college goals is of paramount need. Having worked in college admissions for a number of years, I know how challenging it can be to afford higher education. Not only does Point provide financial support to LGBTQ students, but the Point family—mentors, staff and peers—are there for them throughout their college years, ensuring that scholars can maximize their potential.”

Point is grateful to Lolli and all our volunteer readers who help us identify the next generation of LGBTQ leaders.

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