March is Women’s History Month.

Join in as we celebrate Point Women!

Point Foundation is proud of the LGBTQ women in our community. This March, we’re honoring Women’s History Month by celebrating the achievements of Point Scholars, Alums, and Mentors who are chasing their dreams, creating change, and making history. These women are contributing to our understanding of bisexual women’s unique needs, working to provide resources and support to LGBTQ youth in foster care, and improving every facet of society including the criminal justice system, social work and services, and education.

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Point celebrates LGBTQ women who have become leaders in their communities and changed the world, despite facing formidable obstacles. When compared to GBTQ men, straight women, and straight men, women in the LGBTQ community are the most likely demographic to be socioeconomically disadvantaged, sexually vulnerable, and to experience houselessness at some time in their lives. Despite the odds against them, Women have long been at the forefront of LGBTQ community organizing, political protests, and change-making. We at Point are proud to be supporting the next generation of LGBTQ women leaders.  Get to know some below!

Point Scholar Vanessa Warri

Point Flagship Scholar Vanessa Warri is a Nigerian American trans woman from San Francisco currently working towards PhD in Social Welfare at the University of California, Los Angeles. She’s doing important research into the healthcare and education access of Black LGBTQ people.
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Point Scholar Abigail Reed

Abigail Reed has worked hard to ensure Lee County, Florida honors LGBTQ history. As a senior at Embaro High School, she worked with community members to get LGBTQ History Month officially recognized by the Lee County School Board. Abigail is now studying at the University of Florida.
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Point Scholar Tatiana Claure

Tatiana Claure is a “Proud Latina Feminista.” Raised by a single-mother in California, she’s currently enrolled as an Environmental Science major at Santa Monica College. She currently works to educate her community about women’s rights, waste management, and environmental justice.
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Support Point today and empower our women scholars to make history, so they, too, can continue to pave the way to liberation for us all!

three Point Scholars

Donate to the Women’s History Month campaign and help Point Scholars continue to #BreakTheBias against women and the LGBTQ community through succeeding in school and their careers, building supportive networks that continue to uplift women, and honing leadership skills so LGBTQ women can continue to be at the forefront of the fight for liberation.


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