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Mentor Spotlight: Michelle Carnes

I have had the pleasure of several mentoring relationships, and each shared the same element: possibility. Mentoring is all about the future, about seeing what’s possible and seeing myself in a new way to allow me the chance to have those possibilities.  My relationship with my Point mentor absolutely shaped my experience – both while I […]

Embracing Diversity

Our times are charged with issues of diversity–now more than ever before, minority issues are in the spotlight. Unfortunately, our national dialogue seems to be primarily driven by negative changes, too many of which originate in my region, the South. HB-2, legislation restricting voter rights, police shootings, judges seeking to subvert marriage equality… these are […]

La discriminación y sus intersecciones

In this post, HBO Point Scholar Daniel Berezowsky discusses the complexities of intersectionality that he has personally had to deal with as a Mexican, gay man living in New York City. Building on his personal experience as a new grad school student, he reflects on how discrimination arises when we fail to understand other human […]

Point Honors Los Angeles 2016

Select Media Coverage On October 1, 2016, Lisa Vanderpump presented Robin Roberts with the Point Courage Award and Molly Shannon presented the Point Impact Award to Michael Lombardo. Read the Press Release and see a selection of media coverage: Daily Mail (October 1, 2016) – GMA’s Robin Roberts looks divine…as she’s honored for her LGBTQ advocacy Daily Mail (October 2, 2016) – Lisa Vanderpump […]

University of Arizona Trans*Studies Conference

    At the beginning of September, the University of Arizona hosted the inaugural Trans*Studies Conference – an international and transdisciplinary conference on gender, embodiment, and sexuality. Spearheaded by the incredible effort of U of A’s Institute for LGBT Studies, planning for the conference concretely began last Fall with the assemblage of a steering committee […]