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August 19, 2022


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Immigration Status & LGBTQ Activism

August 19, 2022

As if seeking asylum and separating from his family wasn't already a difficult and stressful process, Point Foundation Alum, Jose Gamboa, found that his desire to earn an education was riddled with hurdles because of his national status. 

Like many asylum or nonresident students, Jose struggled to find funding assistance to make his higher education dreams come true until he found Point. 

Jose was born and raised in Catia La Mar, a small coastal town in Venezuela. He was active in politics in Venezuela, supporting the leader of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó. However, his involvement in politics and in LGBTQ activism placed him in danger, and he eventually sought asylum in the United States.

“The process was traumatic,” Jose says. “I came here alone. My mother is back in Venezuela, and my brother moved to Colombia.”

As an asylee in Florida, Jose worked long hours to support himself and his family back home. Funding his education was a daunting prospect.

“When you’re an asylum seeker, you don’t really have a status," he said. "You’re in legal limbo."

Point was one of the few scholarships that accepted Jose’s application, and when he was awarded a Coach Dream it Real Community College Scholarship at Point, his world changed.

“It allowed me to focus on my classes, and it will allow me to graduate sooner,” Jose said.

Jose graduated from Seminole State College and is working toward his dream of empowering organizations and businesses to make the world a safer and more equitable place for transgender people.

“I want to work with organizations that have supranational influence to change international protections and policies for our (LGBTQ) community,” he said. “My brother is trans, so it hits home.” 

Jose is eager to see more LGBTQ students like him at unique intersections of identities receive life-changing support.

“The support for people like me, and for immigrants is such an important part of this work,” Jose said.

Learn more about Point’s Community College Scholarship Program.

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