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The Dean's List

Join The Dean’s List today and become a part of our monthly giving community. 

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Join The Dean’s List today and become a part of our monthly giving community. 


Point Foundation has supported LGBTQ scholars for more than 20 years and much of our success comes from the sustaining support of donors like you. Your monthly gift empowers more LGBTQ students across the country to achieve their full academic and leadership potential with your year-round impact.


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$150 each month for a year can help purchase a year’s worth of Medical School textbooks for one of the Point Scholars pursuing Law degrees.  

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$100 each month can help cover the average annual costs of transportation for a Community College Scholar to attend class, work, and internships. 

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$50 each month can help provide a scholar attend the National Leadership Conference, where they network with peers and hone leadership skills. 

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$25 each month can cover outstanding student activity fees which can prevent students from registering for classes or getting campus housing.  

Why Give Monthly? 

Monthly giving helps ensure a steady source of funding for Point Foundation and is customizable to your chosen amount and payment method. Monthly donors receive a monthly newsletter highlighting scholars, and alumni, as well as the latest news and research on LGBTQ students.

You can change your monthly donation at any time by contacting Nicole at 212-909-2431 or  

Not ready to commit to a monthly donation? Make a one-time gift to Point to join our network of supporters today!

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"In my short time in STEM I have not met many other queer-identified folks in my courses. I would like to be part of (and in the future, create) a network for queer folks in STEM. I would love to find other queer folks with my interests because I have realized I do feel safest with other people of my same identity."

— Nick O’Reilly
Point Community College Scholar 2020-2022, Wilbur Wright College,
mechanical engineering major.

Lew, Jo - Spring 2022 SLU Photo

“To all the donors who give to the Point Foundation, I hope you realize the gravity of every single dollar that you put towards us. Every single penny that you have invested in scholars like me has changed our lives for the better. A lot of us don’t have access to these kinds of [opportunities] on a daily basis and the fact that you decided to put in time and energy and effort and put that money towards us is incredibly life-changing.”

Jo Lew
Point Flagship Scholar 2021-2023, Point BIPOC Scholar, spring 2021
Southern Methodist University
Political science, public policy, and human rights major.

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"This scholarship helped me during my most difficult time in my life so far. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to be a part of The Point Foundation. The coaching program helped me connect to really great people who could potentially help me out with internship opportunities and networking. Thank you so, so much!"

— Dafne Arellano Villegas
Point Community College Scholar 2020-2021, San Diego City College, ethnic studies major.