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April 11, 2018


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LGBTQ+ Media to Brighten Your Timeline

April 11, 2018

Not sure where to turn for sanity during Trump Times? LGBTQ+ media of the distant-past, recent-past, present, & future can help to stay sane.


Mattachine Podcast by Devlyn Camp

Devlyn Camp has released a serialized story in gay history. 10 episodes are available as a podcast with additional supporting documents online made available by the One Archives at USC. This story reminds us of times when our LGBTQ leaders were under FBI surveillance for conspiracy, accused of cavorting in unsavory politics, and fighting over a vision for the future of a movement. Mattachine helps put our past back in perspective.


Dykes to Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel

Re-reading the Dykes to Watch Out For comics by Alison Bechdel now can remind us all of the alarm in our community during the Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II years. Documenting the LGBTQ+ community response to politics from 1983-2008, Bechdel reminds us that the past was also incredibly scary. You can also find 2 new Trump Era strips on the DTWOF website.



The Rachel Maddow Show Podcast

Watching TV and midterm political ads is far too depressing and distracting during the era of 45—who wants to actually see him? So, keep up with all of the necessary details on politics and presidential scandals by listening to The Rachel Maddow Show Podcast during your daily workout or commute. Rachel will make you laugh out loud, keep even the trashiest news classy, and ensure you are ready to win any impeachment date wagers!



Follow @emma4change on Twitter

The future is bright. If you need daily reminders of this, add @emma4change to your twitter feed. You’ll not only keep up with this fierce, queer, daughter-of-a Cuban Immigrant activist, but you’ll also see the great work being done by under-represented youth across the country. Emma features videos and news stories of youth activists from Chicago and beyond. Just a tweet can get you ready to face the day and the future.



This post was written by Point Scholar Bridgette Davis.

Bridgette Davis is a doctoral candidate and DOE Institute of Education Sciences Pre-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration, as well as a two-time Point Foundation Scholar. Bridgette serves on multiple community and university advisory boards and volunteers numerous hours per week in service to local schools and community organizations.  Read more about Bridgette here.

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