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This is our story told through the voices of the Point family. Hear the perseverance and pride in these voices, then share your words of encouragement for LGBTQ students.

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Erin Armstrong

2014 Scholar

Alejandra Salinas


Alan Guno

Board Member & Former Mentor

Shelley Freeman

Named Scholarship Funder

Pete Subkoviak


Marsha Botzer


Matthew Kaplan

2015 Point Scholar

Shelley Fischel

Board Member

Terrence Meck

Named Scholarship Funder


  • You are the change-makers of the future. Your voices and your stories inspire people everywhere. Light up the darkness, my friends!

    - Betty Miller
  • You are not alone 🙂

    - Arisdo Marbun
  • it gets better. i swear to god it gets better. everything in the world might be against you right now, and i know i sound like a broken record, but i swear to you now on my heart it gets better. one day you will be standing in the sun, happy and resplendent with people you love, and you will leave your heaviness behind.

    - sophia
  • Change is inevitable and that alone is comforting. For with change, comes growth and empowerment.

    - Dru Forbes
  • Always know that in life things will want to make you quit, but as long as you remember what your dreams are anything will become possible.

    - carlos mendez
  • Education has served me well over the years. It is my joy to be in a position to offer a hand up to you as you walk the road of knowledge. Be strong, be kind, and use your brain. Mitakuye oyasin.

    - Sandra G
  • As a Point Scholar, I want to say I am proud of you as a future scholar embracing your imperfections to inspire others and take action on improving society one small step at a time. My job for the next generation is to prepare folks like you to excellent in skills for your career and to stay open-minded. That is my legacy and passion in society. You have your passion inside and I have no doubt you will use your incredible scholarly talent to make a different for your next generation!

    - Robert Lee Gutierrez
  • Life itself as well one’s personal circumstances can place us on a rough road with many challenges to have to deal with as we try to follow the unclear course we find ourselves undertaking. But if you can honor your individual integrity by staying true to your own intuition’s promptings, believing in your own unique qualities and striving to be all you have been meant to be, you will make your way forward, realizing that the understanding, fellowship and caring affirmation of all of us who have walked the road ahead can be counted on to support and reach out along your way.

    - John Prybot
  • learn to be successfull

    - Dilcy
  • As a 70 yr old gay man I am proud to support The Point Foundation which has and will continue to support and provide opportunities for the LGBTQ community. Be proud of who you are and remember you are valued and loved by supporters such as myself and many others. I know you will make a difference in the world and the LGBTQ community. Like myself you are strong and focused. I love and admire all of you. May God bless and watch over you.

    - Norman Diekow
  • “If you don’t have any shadows, then you’re not standing in the light.” -Lady Gaga

    Know that there will be bad days, but your willingness to be yourself will shine through and it inspires others to do the same. And remember, YOU MATTER!

    - Ben Decker
  • Life is bittersweet. Please know that pain is temporary; no matter how long it takes, there is joy waiting for you. You are loved, even if by people you haven’t met yet. Give yourself a chance to find your chosen family, please. I love you.

    - Kate Kesner
  • Whatever is ahead for you, your time in college will be when ‘it gets better’ really takes hold. Values are different there; goals are different there; people are different there, and these will all work to help give you a better, more productive, and more satisfying life in the years ahead. It sure did for me!

    - John I Jay
  • No matter who you are or what you identify as, your voice and life MATTERS! May God bless you and may your hopes and dreams be fulfilled ❤️

    - Jordan F.
  • Nobody gets to tell you who you are, where you belong, or what you can accomplish. All things are possible if you believe in yourself. I certainly believe in you, because I’ve been there.

    - Trans Grad Admissions Counselor
  • You’re going to do great! We are here for you, and we’ve got your back.

    - Anonymous
  • I am so happy to support you in pursuing your hopes and dreams for yourself and your community. All my best wishes!

    - Charlie Muller
  • I never met a strong person with an easy childhood.

    - Patrick Lavilla
  • Education is a viable tool to fight against discrimination. Be proud!

    - Nelson Jarrin
  • You must think about what’s important to you; how willing you are to make others happy or how willing you are to make sure you happiness. This is your life and you should live it.

    - Brandon Alaniz
  • Just because you haven’t found your family yet doesn’t mean it isn’t out there. It is, and they can’t wait to meet you.

    - Esther
  • No matter who u are or what sexuality u have.YOUR LIFE MATTERS!

    - Analese Reyna
  • When you fail keep looking forward and don’t look back. This failure is like the ending of another chapter in your life story and you need to use that to learn and move on. Thankfully with every difficulty that you come upon it is just another opportunity to better yourself.

    - Daniela Arzola
  • Do what your heart is telling you to do. The most liberating feeling is doing work deeply connected to your values and what you believe in.

    - Cody Thompson
  • Always remember that you need to live your life for yourself. Don’t waste time pleasing others. This is your life and it’s all you get, so you need to spend how you want to spend it. Spend it with people who care about you.

    - Kat Scott
  • In your darkest moment don’t be afraid to ask for help. There is a whole community out there who can empathize with your struggles. Let them be there for you through the tough times, and one day you can do the same for others.

    - Salman Ibrahim
  • No one can tell you what to be, or what to do. Ever.

    - Georgina
  • Work towards what’s important to you, not what others tell you is important. Nothing is too small or insignificant if it brings you joy and supports your well-being.

    - Ira Rollins
  • Remember that you are made of the same atoms everyone else is made up of. We all consist of the same stardust, the stuff of the universe; we are all humans, and humans are the product of millions of years of growth. The same dust that caused the big bang is the same dust that flows through your veins on a molecular level. We have all seen the death of stars, the birth of galaxies; we are all full of endings and beginnings. We are all human, and therefore, we should all be equal.

    - Savannah Cook
  • Make life an adventure. Live, Laugh, & Love.

    - Evameely Vargas
  • The faces of Point Foundation scholars and alumni are the faces of hope. Collectively, they light up one of the regions of endeavor where human decency is maintained and in which fundamental goodness truly persists. The optimistic striving of each and every one of them is meaningful in respect of the sacredness of the human spirit, in the context of each precious individual who makes up the whole. The visibility of these scholars dispels ignorance and affirms the proud place of all LGBTQI youth in the human community.

    - Ira Morgan
  • The real deamons are the people who deamonize. Listen to the voice inside you that wants to help others. You can lift those people up and it will lift you up. Never be afraid to take up space. People will want you to be submissive, weak and afraid. Show them your strength. No one has been through more than you have. Picture your future and you will find yourself closer to it with each bold step you take.

    - Frank
  • Access Your Dreams!

    - Heather Taylor
  • No matter how life brought you down always remember, every person who has ever done something great or changed the world is just a person just like you. No better no worse.

    - William Parker
  • To those generations who have carved the path for today’s LGBTQ+, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It is with your dedication that we are able so colorfully express our lives in today’s world.

    - Max
  • you are beautiful, no matter what others say and think about your sexuality. Embrace you and only think I don’t care about the critiques. YOU ARE PERFECT!!

  • No matter your sexuality, we must fight for our LGBTQ+ community and strive for equality in every aspect from maltreatment to underrepresentation in the media! You exist, you are beautiful, but more importantly, you are valid.

    - Kevin Contreras
  • We all love you!! Please don’t stop educating people about how absolutely amazing we are!! – An Ace, A Pan, A Bi, a Lesbian, and 3 straight allies

    - Talor & Robert Turner High School's GSA
  • No matters of discriminatory policy or injustice can stop you from being you. Ultimately you being true to your authentic self is what will make a difference in this world. There’s nothing about homogeneity in our U.S. motto “e pluribus unum.” There’s only one you, so do it honestly and unabashedly.

    - Megan
  • Our future depends on you. You are smart. Don’t stop learning and conquering the world. Now more than ever.

    - Anonymous
  • My husband and I are honored to be in a position where we can help protect your backs and ease you through, at least a little bit, all of the adversity. We are equally proud to entrust our future to all of you as each of you step out into the world. You are our future leaders, and we are glad we can assist you in getting there.

    - Thomas Wilczak, Esq.
  • Use Point as an opportunity to take advantage of all that your campus offers to help discover who you are. College is far more than just academics. Friends, events, concerts, games, long conversations as well as study sessions, class and labwork will help you grow into an interesting and successful citizen. At a time when our country is going through such a challenging political upheaval and when opportunities for LGBTQI people are opening up more and more, I cannot think of a better time for you to be preparing for your future. Go grab it and make the best of this remarkable opportunity. There is no one best way. Find the best way for you and go for it!

    - John Jay
  • You are loved! Believe in yourself. You have the inner motivation to achieve your goals. Tap into it and push to achieve.

    - Eric Nelson
  • Believe in your goals and your power to achieve them. It’s amazing what we can achieve when we let ourselves believe we can do great things. It gets easier with time to live as our authentic selves. When we are unapologetically ourselves and have good intentions, it can help change hearts and minds. Do you!

    - Kelly
  • Remember love will always over power the messages of hate we all hear. Love can and will conquer all. Always

    - Xandra Young
  • Don’t let any part of you be compromised by someone else’s beliefs. Live the way you were meant to, and don’t let others bring you down for it. You can be anyone you want to be. We’re all imperfect, and that’s what makes us each unique.

    - Ash
  • I am someone who has a strong mind and positive believe in life no matter what I gone through. Life will hit you at some point, but it is your choice to stand up again and take control over what it has arrived so far. Sometime without those darkness period of your life, you would not know how to perform life the way you want it. you might think it is the right way to live your life, but it is not at all. I hope all of us always stay strong and keep going to the point you want to be in life even sometime it is hard to walk to.

    - chanda
  • Feelings before labels! Regardless of what you end up identifying, you’re still you! And you are a good person who deserved to be happy and deserves to be loved

    - Devin
  • Just know that things will get better. The last thing my dad say to me when I was moving out was “this will be good for you”. I’m now a senior at a university and have a career job a year earlier than expected. Stay positive and work hard. Great things will come your way. I believe in every single one of you.

    - Zoe
  • Love is stronger than hate. Don’t succumb to the hatred of others.

    - Danny
  • When I was in high school, I was super insecure about both my masculine and my feminine personality traits. I never wanted to be fully masculine or fully feminine. But as soon as I began to spend time with myself, I began to understand. I am now an elegant and brawny androgynous dressing man with a passion for helping others discovering themselves. The message is to spend more time with yourself (have conversations with yourself if needed) and think deeper about yourself. That’s when you start to love yourself. And soon enough, the wrong people in your life will become noticed,and the ones who embrace you will reveal themselves with an open mind. In a world so bent on association of gender identity and personalities with sexual, social, and societal acceptability, being true to who you are and loving it is strongly needed. Break free of your societal and mental barriers, and watch how you evolve into the magnificent beings you weare all meant to be.

    - Stevonnie (Steven)
  • When I was younger, I was mercilessly bullied and was called “gay”, “faggot” and “queer” in the most derivative way possible. But tomorrow, June 4th, 2016, I will be graduating as the very gay valedictorian of my class. No matter what people tell you, you are worth it. You are loved. You are equal. Don’t ever give up on yourself.

    - Matthew Garza
  • Always be yourself and never let anyone stand in your way or bring you down. Many can be unaccepting, but if you accept yourself, nobody else’s acceptance matters. You are YOU, don’t ever change because of someone else.

    - Cheyenne Resseguie
  • In the country I come from, religion places a heavy burden on the shoulders of those that are found ‘different’. Do not let it happen to you. May you have your own faith, may you do not, believe that you are just perfect the way you are. Respect their points of view but, nicely, demand respect for yourself as well.
    Live and let the others live. Tolerance and understanding is the key.

    - Marcelo Pombo
  • Never allow negativity to dominate. The subject of my new biography, Romaine Brooks: A life is a prime example. A solo show devoted to her art will open at the Smithsonian American Art Museum June 10th. Never give up-you will make it better. I did.

    - Cassandra Langer
  • Don’t let anybody tell you are not perfect and that you are a disgrace, because you are not. Love is Love and there is not changing it.

    - Shania
  • Stay strong and live authentically! It’s funner that way.

    - Alex
  • Find what you are good at, and then do something with it. Something you love, something that makes you grow, something that makes you HAPPY!

    - Christian Cornielles
  • Forget who everyone else want you too be. Live for you and be true to yourself, unapologetically.

    - Salihah
  • The work you guys are doing will change lives!!!
    Thank You

    - Kris
  • You can find your people! We are here waiting for you as weird as you think you are – we will love you for it!

    - Lianna
  • Live for yourself

    - Amber
  • Live, don’t just exist

    - Ace
  • When others say something negative don’t let it bring you down instead let it make you stronger. It is not easy but it is possible. I lived in Nevada and had to learn how to do so.

    - Jeanette
  • We do a lot of things in life with the hopes that we will one day be happy, but we are already living yesterday’s tomorrow. We are living in the time that we fought for a year or two ago. So let yourself be happy NOW, and be true to who you are. In other words, ‘why wait for something to come tomorrow, when you can have it today?’

    - John E. Walker
  • Don’t let them get to you and tear you down. Be strong and carry on! You’re stronger than them. You’re more in control of your emotions than they are. Take pride in who you are!

    - Grace
  • You are stronger and more capable than you could ever imagine. All you need to do is believe in yourself! I believe in you too.

    - Adam Crowley
  • You deserve to live your life authentically.

    - Julie Mellen
  • Be great!

    - Eugene P
  • Seize the opportunity and go for it!

    - Mike Yamagata
  • Stay focused and never, ever give up.

    - Christina Morrison
  • Don’t let anyone hold you back.

    - Josh Riman
  • Everyone deserves to follow their dreams!

    - John Kapenga
  • Let Point take you to new, exciting places!

    - Zach Brown