Create A Scholarship

Point Foundation provides an opportunity for donors to designate a scholarship that recognizes and acknowledges a specific source, whether it be the donor, an individual or institution they wish to honor.

It can be funded in the form of a single donation or with an initial donation of $25,000 with a signed pledge to provide the additional $75,000 over the next three years at the rate of at least $25,000 per year.

Endowing a Named Scholarship in Perpetuity creates a lasting legacy that will fund the education of Point Scholars in perpetuity. Point Foundation will invest a contribution of $500,000 or more in our endowment fund and use the investment income to finance the education of Point Scholars now and into the future. A Named Scholarship in Perpetuity makes it possible to honor an individual or organization and to create an ongoing legacy of learning and leadership.

If you choose, Point Foundation will work with you to craft a Named Scholarship which can include the following: designated college or university, specific field or level of study, or residential origin (e.g., a scholar either coming from or studying in a specific city or state). However, Point encourages the broadest and least amount of restrictions possible to ensure proper and timely selection of a student.

For more information about Named Scholarships, please contact either David Garza via email and (212) 512-5339 or Adam Crowley via email and (323) 933-1234


Parametric Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Brett Shaia

Coach Dream It Real Point Scholarship

Current Awardees: Jose Gamboa, Peyton Liu, Dee McMaher, Ness Rodriguez, Bryan Villa, Morgan Winters

Alvin O. McCray & Jason M. Rudman Scholarship

Current Awardees: Danielle Beale, Graciela Cain, Monique Griffin, Eric Walker

Lands’ End Scholarship

Current Awardee: Jennifer Faris

Steven Esposito Memorial Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Joshua Aiken

Steven Esposito Memorial Scholarship

Broward LEADS Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Shay Mattison

Wendell Reid Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Dani Moore-Porter

Paul C. Phillips Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Bee Sanchez Salazar

Miami Beach Pride Point Scholarship

Past Awardee: Manny Faria

LA Dodgers Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Travis Martz

John S. Knudsen Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Stephanie King

John Hancock Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Dannie Barbour

Donald Cummins Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Arianna Baez

Bryan Fitzgerald Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Josh Elizondo

Anonymous Donor Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Alice Liou

Arnold Schwab Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Adil Mansoor

Barbara Epstein Foundation Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Miah Miller

Barbey Point Scholarship

Current Awardees: Elle Harwood, Ranen Miao


Calamus Foundation Point Scholarship

The Calamus Foundation was created in 1994 by Saul Kaplan. The foundation
awards grants to organizations that offer care and support services to individuals with HIV/AIDS and services to the gay and lesbian community that promote and support its formation, growth, identity, general well-being and social and legal rights.

Current Awardees: Timothy Jones II
Past Awardee:Ian EllasanteBrooke Sebold, Landon “LJ” Woolston

Fry-Garatea Family Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Anthony Pacheco

Erickson-Zoellers Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Patrick Córdova
Past Awardees: Carl Streed, Jr., Michael McCutcheon, Max Staebler, Hillary Gleason

George Benes, MD Point Scholarship

Past Awardee: Rachel Jackson, Mark Jeng, Daniel O’Neill, Michael Haymer, Rose Wong

HBO Point ScholarshipHBO-big

The HBO Point Scholarship is awarded to a creative and dynamic individual who intends to pursue a career in the media.

Past Awardees: Kerri Cecil, Oraia Reid, Rachael Smith, Rhys Ernst, Ellen Adams, Daan Erikson, Daniel Berezowsky

Herb Hamsher Point Scholarship

Past Awardee: Nia Clark

Herb Hamsher Scholarship   Herb Hamsher

Herb Hamsher was a true student of life, eager to share and acquire new knowledge. He was a member of Point’s Board of Directors and Emeritus Board.  Herb especially enjoyed engaging with our growing family of Point Scholars and Alumni with whom he loved to share time. “Be of service to all of humanity,” Herb said, and he lived that truth. Thanks to the wisdom Herb shared and the example of his own life, so many LGBTQ and allied people live openly in celebration of their true selves.

We cherish not only our many memories of Herb but are grateful that his legacy continues to touch and inspire our lives.

Current Awardee: Nia Clark

Janssen Infectious Diseases Point ScholarshipJanssen-big

Current Awardees: William Campillo Terrazas
Past Awardee:May Chen,  Omar Salman, Ishan AsokanKevin Robertson, Audrey Stewart, Siddarth Puri, Sarah Daoud

Jonathan D. Lewis Point Scholarship

The Jonathan D. Lewis Scholarship is awarded to exemplary individuals who show great promise as future progressive leaders.

Mr. Lewis is the founder of Jonathan Lewis & Associates, an independent design, development and project management-consulting firm. Among his many philanthropic ventures, Mr. Lewis is a founding member of Project YES, a Miami based diversity-training program for corporations, city governments and other large entities. His current philanthropic efforts focus on mentoring and developing youth organizations that encourage political involvement and leadership development programs that will inform and inspire a new generation of progressive leaders. Mr. Lewis also worked as an Executive Producer along with Russell Simmons, Kenny Edmonds and Tracey Edmonds to produce and distribute a compilation album by top hip-hop and R&B artists to help raise voter awareness and encourage young people to vote.

Past Awardee: Rickke Mananzala, Katie Miller, Kelsey Phipps, Brandon Kneefel

John M. Deciccio Point Scholarship

Current Awardees: Jimmy Ding

Kevin Hummer Point Scholarship
In Perpetuity
Kevin Hummer
Kevin Hummer

Kevin Hummer was a Libra, born October 13, 1962. He grew up mostly in Arizona and Palm Springs, and spent his adult life in Los Angeles. He made his living as a print designer and was seen by many as an arbiter of taste, but his most creative creation was himself, as he was a true self creation. Like so many gay boys growing up in suburbia Kevin felt he was not seen as a kid. Kevin knew early that he was gay and neither he, nor his family, had the ability acknowledge it or to embrace it.

It was in college that Kevin began to recreate himself and begin pursuing a life in the creative arts. He graduated in 1983 from Arizona State University, took his MFA and went directly to Los Angeles. By then, he had embraced New Wave (and with it the Flock of Seagulls hairdo) and all the self expression the 80’s had to offer. He was quick-witted, sharp, funny and loved a good time. His sense of style was impeccable and as he achieved more success, it became his signature. He would eventually open his own print design shop, beginning in his Hollywood apartment, then move into the historic art deco Wiltern Theatre and Pellissier building in Los Angeles.

He named his company Bold Face Design and delighted in the pun and in the abbreviation: BFD. He was known for his bright, explosive color palette, his favorite color was certainly lime green. He also loved museums, going out, Popeye’s chicken, cocktails at Neiman’s, flea markets, music, travel, gardening, his dog, DuPont, and his friends.

He rarely entertained but was the most sought after of dinner guests, always arriving with some variation of champagne, vodka, orchids and Godiva Chocolates. His classically modern home in the Hollywood Hills was a pure distillation of his aesthetic — everything beautiful and just so — chosen to be part of part of one of his collections or to shock, amuse or give comfort. Whatever the reason, it all had to meet his exceptionally high design criteria.
He collected friends much the same way: each person in his life had something special to offer Kevin and in turn, he offered his friends something truly unique. Kevin died in the final days of 2006, at 43, after fighting cancer for two and a half years. He had spent much time contemplating what to do at the end of his life with all he had accumulated. He wanted to create something to leave behind — something that could have helped someone like him growing up.

Current Awardee: Yingyi Wang
Past Awardees: Morgan Cheatham, Emily McWilliams, Jonah Thompson

NBCUniversal Point ScholarshipNBC-big

Current Awardee: Kevin Liang
Past Awardee:Julia HorwitzNicole Opper

Point Honors New York Scholarship

Current Awardee:
Past Awardees: Lane RosenSaidzhan Abdulla, Maggie Keenan-Bolger, Brennan Peters

Novo Nordisk Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: William Campillo Terrazas
Previous Awardee: Kylie Blume, Johannes Wilson

Rand Skolnick Point Scholarship
In Perpetuity
Rand Skolnick
Rand Skolnick

Rand’s passion was people. Whether it was family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances or people in need that he never met, Rand was always looking to better the lives of others. Throughout his life, Rand generously affected people’s lives with a style and grace that came effortlessly from his heart.

From an early age, Rand worked diligently helping to build the family business, Solgar Vitamins and Herb Company, into a household name for those who demanded integrity and high quality in nutraceuticals. After years of working alongside his father and successfully expanding the company across the United States, Rand became the youngest CEO in the natural products industry. Within 10 years, Rand opened operations in over 42 countries, and Solgar Vitamin and Herb became the number one supplement brand in the United Kingdom.

Beginning in 2002, together with his partner Terrence Meck, Rand helped revitalize the diverse community of New Hope, PA by restoring such institutions as The Raven and creating new destinations like The Nevermore Hotel.

Both The Raven and The Nevermore quickly became a tourist destination for LGBT travelers from around the globe and also served as a Community Center for Bucks County, helping to raise awareness and funds for dozens of local and national charities.

In March of 2008, Rand was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and died 4 months later on the morning of July 4th. Although he passed away at the young age of 50, his legacy lives on through the work of The Palette Fund, a foundation dedicated to his memory that has a large focus on LGBT Youth. Rand believed in the potential of our youth to help lead us toward a more compassionate and just future. The Palette Fund, like Rand, supports young people as they explore careers in philanthropy and service to the LGBT community and we are very excited to honor Rand’s commitment to education with the Rand Skolnick Point Scholarship.

Current Awardee: Sydney Rinehart
Past Awardees: Marisa O’Gara, Mia “TuMutch” Satya, Michael McCutcheon, Derek Blechinger, Jazz McGinnis

Rim-Freeman Point Scholarship

The Rim-Freeman Point Scholarship was established in 2014 by Joni Rim and Shelley Freeman, longtime supporters of Point Foundation and its mission. While Joni is a retired entrepreneur, Shelley works as an executive at Wells Fargo, and represents Point Foundation’s largest corporate sponsor on Point’s Board of Directors. The Rim-Freeman Point Scholarship is intended for an undergraduate who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership in the LGBT community.

Previous Awardee: Jacob Rudolph, Khushboo Panjwani

Rosen Goertz Point Scholarship

Past Awardee: Jamie Weinand

Took Trust Point Scholarship
In Perpetuity

Current Awardee: Irfan Mahmud
Past Awardees: Elizabeth Ehret, Chanda Brown, Zoe Ridolfi-Starr

Toyota Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Vince Martinez

Past Awardees: Melanie Camejo Coffigny, Brittany Ellenberg, Alejandra C. Salinas, Tommy Craven, Lilia Espinoza


Toyota Financial Services Point Scholarship

Past Awardees: Brittany Ellenberg, Alejandra C. Salinas, Tommy Craven, Lilia Espinoza

Viiv Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: James Lee

Past Awardee: Kevin Henderson

Point Honors Los Angeles Scholarship

Past Awardees: Meg Day, Gregory Davis, Jacob RostovskyKip Williams, Adrienne Adams

Walter M. Decker Point Scholarship
In Perpetuity
Walter M. Decker
Walter M. Decker

To honor his legacy of academic and philanthropic excellence, Point Foundation has created the Walter M. Decker Point Scholarship to support annually, an outstanding student.

Dr. Decker, an accomplished radiologist, was a fine example of an individual who lived simply, but wanted others to benefit from his success. He was compelled and inspired by the example of Point Scholars who, in the face of discrimination, have had the courage to honestly present themselves to the world. Until late in his life, Dr. Decker did not feel he had the freedom to do the same. In supporting Point Foundation, he felt strongly that he could help young people overcome the prejudice and discrimination that he feared at the same age in his life. In his experience, education was transformative, and he believed that his support of Point Foundation would help improve the lives of others by providing access to education and other opportunities.

“A lot of (gay and lesbian) people who are in their late 50s or 60s had traumatic experiences personally. As they were growing up, the world was a different place, with very few roles models or support systems. There is a very direct connection for (these) people to give back to young people today so that they can have more resources and support.”
— Nancy Cunningham, executive director of Funders for Lesbian and Gay Issues in New York City.

Current Awardee: Kirin Gupta
Past Awardees:Tara BeneschNicole Robert, Lee Adam Wheeler, John Downey Jr.

Wells Fargo Point Scholarship

Wells Fargo strives to be a leader in workplace equality and philanthropic endeavors supporting education and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. It was ranked in 2007 by BusinessWeek as one of the country’s top ten biggest givers in corporate philanthropy and by DiversityInc magazine as the 31st best company for diversity. Wells Fargo has received a perfect 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s “Corporate Equality Index.”

In 2008, Wells Fargo received the Point Inspiration Award, which recognizes a corporation that champions respect and inclusion of the LGBT community and lives with the vision that investing in today’s potential will produce a brighter tomorrow. The company has donated funds to the Point Foundation for multiple scholarships awarded to deserving students.  Watch a video about one of them.

Current Awardees: Morgan Beaven, Felix Kiene-Gualteri, Lis Jimenez, Aiden Lee, Bianca NunezTeague Shattuck, Will Tong
Past Awardees: Khalid Adam, Logan Alcosiba,  Brittney Balkcom, Isaiah Baiseri, Corey Bohman, Ved Chirayath, Kevin Contreras, Shawn Demmons, Noah LupicaCary Crall, Shane Du, Angela Filley, Felipe Gomez, Chris Hanson, Marco Herndon,  Casey Hoke, Adaobi Kanu, Kyle Inselman, Marcus Lee,  Gabriel Maffuz-Anker, Monica MotleyGeoff MinoMikael Miller, Patrick Oathout, Emmett PattersonDavid Seitz

William J. Levy Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Jose Cortez
Past Awardees: Jez Lim Marston, Eric Beeler

Minton-Spidell-Jackowski Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Vanessa Warri
Past Awardee: Bridgette DavisNicholas Orozco, Matthew Smith

Douglas Wurth Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: TBD

Patti Sue Mathis Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Isaac James

CAA Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Reeves Gift

Jeff Ogle & Jeff Stearns Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Manny Faria

FedEx Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Andrew Ntim

David H. Steward & M. Pierre Friedrichs Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Henry Bremer

Douglas Nock Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Teresa Nguyen

Guidehouse LLP Scholarship

Current Awardee: Alex Baetsen

Michael J. Jeffrey and Jeffrey J. Mitchell Scholarship

Current Awardee: David Watkins

Alfred A. Cave Scholarship

Current Awardee: Donnavan Dillon

Anchor Trust Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Mikiko Thelwell

Synchrony Scholarship

Current awardee: Arianna Peró

René Plessner Scholarship

Current Awardee: Davy Deng

Stacey R. Friedman Scholarship

Current Awardee: Yvin Shin

The Hernan Lopez Family Foundation Scholarship

The Hernan Lopez Family Foundation was set up in 2020 by Wondery founder, Hernan Lopez, to help advance diversity in leadership from the demand side as well as the supply side. For more information, please visit